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Lighting Services


When you're hosting an event, the look and feel of the space is critical to its success - and yours. That's why the details matter. Lighting is central to making all of your hard work on planning, decor and messaging come to life.


And that is what DCM Lighting does best. We can put together a thoughtful design, provide quality equipment and offer sound advice to make your vision a reality. We have many years of professional experience in the events industry to back it up. 




Putting together an effective lighting rig takes more than putting up a few fixtures to light the people on stage. It requires an eye for good design, the experience to know what works well, and creativity to step outside the box. 


We are ready to handle everything from:

  • Design Concept

  • Vectorworks & CAD Drawings

  • Logistics Planning

  • Equipment Rental

  • On-Site Execution


Do you have a new lighting console and need to know how to use it?


Do you have a staff or team of volunteers that needs to be trained to run your system?


Whether you want to learn the basics or need to dive deeper into advanced programming features, we keep up to date on many of the latest lighting systems so you can, too. 


We would be happy to put together a comprehensive training program tailored to your needs.


Having a partner when you're working on a lighting system upgrade, remodel or new installation project can be essential to ensuring success. A strong plan involves meeting today's needs while strategically preparing your system and infrastructure for the most cost effective and painless upgrades down the road.


Allow us to partner with your team on your next project to provide thoughtful guidance as you move through all the phases of design choice, equipment selection, fixture placement and implementation.

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